From an early age, Khang has had a fascination with art. He was the type of kid that would rather draw in class than pay attention to the teachers teaching. As he got older, his interests expanded into other creative art forms which included painting and street art. This would prove to be very beneficial to him later on in his life. At the age of 13, Khang was introduced to the world of tattoos by his two older brothers, who would bring him along when they got work done. He quickly got drawn in and by the age of 15, he picked up his first tattoo machine and started practicing on family and friends. When Khang turned 18, he had his first apprenticeship at a tattoo shop. After tattooing for only a year, Khang broke his hand, but still continued to pursue tattoos despite the difficulties. During his career, he made a decision to take a break to help out his family. He officially came back in 2013, refreshed and more determined to pick up where he left off. He set specific goals for himself and for the next 2 years, he worked and learned as much as he could to perfect his skills and to open his very own tattoo studio. His vision for a tattoo shop  consisted of a clean, open space with a modern art gallery feel. He wanted a place that was not only comfortable and appealing for the clients, but efficient and unique for the artists as well.

Instagram @khang_anviltattooco

Please contact Khang for his current rates and availability.